So I thought that I would share a few books that I have found helpful in my own life and perhaps pique your interest for considering them on your own journey. These book are primary around spirituality though perhaps at a later stage I will share some lists on theology or mission or philosophy or poetry. Here is part 1 of 5.

Body Prayer (By Doug Paggitt) 

This is a very simple but beautiful book has had a great impact on me over the last year and a bit as I have used it. I think you can see why from the blurb:

 It's possible for prayer to become so routine that it's almost meaningless. Head-oriented prayer can focus on getting the words just right, while leaving out the rest of who you are. "BodyPrayer" helps you become fully engaged in prayer as you connect with God using more than mere words. By practicing various postures of prayer-many of them identical to those modeled in Scripture-you will open your life more fully to God. Body prayer involves all of who you are as you enter into communion with God, either individually or with other believers. Join Christians throughout history who used their entire being as a prayer-in expressions of joy, gratitude, and entreaty, as well as worship and devotion to God. This biblically based guide will help you practice a richer, more meaningful expression of prayer-one that involves your body as well as your soul. 
This is prayer that goes deeper than words...

BodyPrayer invites twenty-eight ways to involve your entire being as you connect with God. Whether you pray in submission with forehead touching the ground, or in exaltation with arms outstretched and eyes raised to heaven, you will find new spiritual vitality in prayer that expresses all of who you are.  

The format of the book is what I found really rad. 

  • It starts with the kind of prayer (forgiveness, strength, compassion, guidance etc) and then is followed with a sketched diagram like this:

  • It then has a meditation on the scriptures around this particular prayer and a short, beautiful, punchy poem written by Kathrin Prill.
  • Finally it ends with a blank page for journaling
It is really great for early morning prayers or just before you go to bed and I find it especially helpful when my prayers feel dry or there is a lot going on within myself that is often too difficult to express with words. I also am a great fan of involving all my senses in prayer. All in all this simple little book has been one that I really have come to treasure in my own journey.

[just in case you were wondering, there is no commercial interest in writing about these books They are just books which have been helpful in my own explorations and journey]