As some of you might know I have been in South East Asia for the last little while for two main reasons:

  1. CRM's (my 'mother' organisation) global conference, which takes place every four years somewhere different in the world.
  2. Some time off to travel in Thailand.

The conference was really good. Stimulating and challenging. 6 Days to try and tell you things that would normally take six months to communicate. That's as good a definition of a conference as I can think of :) It was really humbling to meet such a smorgasbord of people from life coaches, to church planters, pastors to spiritual directors, board members to people starting small businesses, people living in the slums of Venezeuala to people living in 'burbs of California. Some 400 or so people from every nook and cranny of the globe. It truly is great to be alive in the 21st century. These are the kinds of experiences no other humans have ever had before us! A particularly moving experience was hearing the scriptures been read in over 25 different languages including our own beloved Tswana and Afrikaans.

Another great thing was to catch up with the rest of the global NieuCommunities people. The majority are from San Diego and some from Vancouver Canada. A really rad group of people. I am glad to be a part of a global community. It feels right and prevents me from becoming to narrow in my opinions and experiences. I truly am grateful to have serve in this capacity.

(The theme of the conference was leadership in Word, Power and Deed). Here is a shot from the hall where the plenary sessions were held.

(a picture of the beach on Langkawi Island...mindblowing)

(The room where I stayed, fashioned on traditional Malay housing)

I am typing this update from Phuket Thailand. Which is also just stunningly beautiful. I will post pics from this side once I get home on Tuesday.

Otherwise, I trust that life is treating you well and that you are finding rest and peace in the midst of all that is life.

From a bronzed Curtis