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Why I haven't been blogging?

Posted by Curtis Love on Tuesday, June 8, 2010, In : Random 
Think of this as MTV cribs "The Moving Special". Here is a once in a lifetime look at the inside of Curtis "the threat" Love's bedroom. Well actually this is not my room, its the room all my stuff is in while I am waiting to move into my room. I will post pictures of my new room once I have moved into it, which will hopefully be tomo! Back to the original intention of this post, I haven't been blogging because:

1. I have moved to a sweet new Student commune in the Clydesdale/Sunnyside area.
2. ...
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Interesting Reads: From Taxi Fetish's to Freedom of the Press

Posted by Curtis Love on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, In : Random 
My friend Arthur sent me this with the subject line "to help with your taxi fetish..." here. This was also a really good blog on the current ANCYL vs Freedom of the press debate. I feel uncomfortable at times with the way that whites and the media ongoingly responds to Julius Malema. I feel like somehow we are missing a bigger point that I have thus far been unable to articulate. This blog I think come the closest to making the point here.

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Some interesting reads: From Atheism to TED

Posted by Curtis Love on Monday, March 8, 2010, In : Random 
What is the difference between coaching, therapy, mentoring and consulting? My friend Roger has some short but helpful definitions here. Check out the 10 Rules every speaker should know from TED here. For a thoughtful and sensitive articulation of the journey from faith into atheism read my friend Kevin's blog here. I will blog soon about what we can learn (and yes we can learn a lot) from our atheist friends. For an interesting blog written by my friend Andrie's after been hijacked last week...
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