I found a great resource if you are interested in cultivating a daily rhythm of prayer. Its a daily mp3 (you download the weeks mp3's prior to the week). You can put it on your ipod or phone. It is great for first thing when you wake up or during lunch or even a tea break or before you go to bed. Its a good, soothing, reflective, simple yet deep combination of music, chanting, readings, questions and prayer. I have really enjoyed it a lot. I have had a few conversations with people saying, I want to cultivate my spirituality I just have no idea how. The simplest way to do this is carve out a period in the day (even 15 minutes can bring new insights into the spiritual life) to reflect on your internal state and to connect with what God is doing. A prayer guide (which is what these mp3's are) is an added bonus. It just helps you to focus your mind and prayers.Check it out here @ http://www.pray-as-you-go.org/ and download the prayers for next week. Also check out the breathing and body exercise.

When you are listening, gently release your fear and open yourself up to the possibility that God may want to say something to you. Perhaps something as simple (and yet profound) as 'I am here' or 'I see what you are going through'.