This is my fourth post about my trip to the beautiful country of Indonesia. The first post was about the reason for my trip to Indonesia which you can read about here. The second post was about the crazy city of Jakarta which you can read about here.The third was about my time in Bandung which you can read here. This post is about the final part of my trip which took place in Bali. My friend Jim had a travel agent friend who managed to hook me up with a really good deal to get to the infamous Island of Bali.

Unfortunately this deal also included a crazy day of travel. It entailed a 5am flight from Jakarta the morning after my coaching course. The part I didn't mention is that Jakarta is 2 and a bit hours away from Bandung. This meant that the the night before my flight I did not go to sleep as I was catching a taxi at 12:15am in order to get to my 'travel' by 1am. This 'travel' (like a luxury minibus taxi) would then make the drive to Jakarta at breakneck (understatement) speed to get me there in time for my 4am check in. 5am signaled take-off time for the beautiful island of Bali. Needless to say by the time I arrived in Bali I was pretty wasted...I don't know if me and Jim thought carefully enough through that travel schedule?

Anyways, here are some pics from Bali:


[The Entrance to Kuta Beach, which is the backpackers vibe. As you can see Balinese architecture and aesthetics is so ornate and beautiful. The Balinese are predominantly Hindu which gives it a very different feel to the Muslim Jakarta and Bandung]

[Culture Park]

[ 'Peace Statue' in culture park made in honour of the victims to died in the 2002 Bali Bombings]

[ The Hindu God Shiva. The perspective on this photo is lost a bit but if you look on Shiva's neckline you will see two very small white dots, those are doves. That should give you some scale of this impressive statue]

[2002 Bali bombings Memorial in Kuta Beach. Tragically 202 people were killed including two South African's. you can read more here]

[The other worldly 'Dreamland Beach]

[Ulwatu coastline. World famous surf spot and also site of Ulwatu Temple]



[Entrance to Ulwatu temple which differed significantly from Buddhist Temples, Muslim Mosques or Christian Cathedrals in that it was all outdoor. This was also the spot where a monkey decided to jump onto my clothes in an attempt to part me from my water bottle. He/She failed.]

Bali is really beautiful and the food is also really good. However it is pretty 'touristy' and the haggling does wear you down after a few days. I feel like I got a fuller picture of Indonesia by seeing Bali.