This is my third post about my trip to the beautiful country of Indonesia. The first post was about the reason for my trip to Indonesia which you can read about here. The second post was about the crazy city of Jakarta which you can read about here. This post is about Bandung which is the city I went to after my two days in Jakarta. Even though I was in Bandung for 6 days I actually didn't get to see too much of the city because the coaching course was the whole day with evening readings. However it still caught my attention and is somewhere I would love to explore further in the future. Here are some pics from Bandung.


[Here was the very nice and comfortable train that I caught from Jakarta to Bandung which took about 3 hours. Thousands of people make the trip every weekend from the hot and crowded Jakarta to the more temperate and beautiful Bandung. I really enjoy travelling by train, you get a different perspective on a country, and always try to catch a train if possible when I travel]


[This was some of what I saw from the window of the train. The rice paddy's are almost mystical in their beauty with their contrasting earthy colours and their terraced shapes. It all make for a great background to this inter city trip. I also had one of the best fresh guava drinks here on the train]


[This is the famous 'Pedang' (for two) that my Indonesian friend Abraham took me out to on the last evening of the training. I particularly enjoyed the cows heart with potatoes and the curried eggs. This was all accompanied by warm, flavoursome, unsweetend tea]


[This was a picture of another friend I made while I was there, Jim. Jim is one of those all round nice guys who is kind for no other reason than it is most natural to him. He is an American who grew up Indonesia and had just recently returned to Indo after 15 years in the US. He looked after me well and showed me around. I wish him well cause he deserves it. I liked this picture cause it looks kinds 'sin city-ish']

Of course the highlight of Bandung was the course and meeting all the great people from all over the world living and working in Indonesia but even the city itself charmed me and I am glad to have passed through it.