After the World Conference in Malaysia (read previous post) I was lucky enough to take some leave and travel around Thailand. This is how that happened... During the time that I was looking to book a ticket for the conference my father happened to stumble across a small black and white add in the newspaper. It was advertising a 9 day holiday in Thailand or Malaysia including flights for less than any ticket that I could find online. I was a little sceptical but decided to phone anyway. Turns out it was true, they would give us nine days accommodation (including breakfast) and transfers from Kuala Lumpur (where the conference was) for the same price as just a flight to KL.I would be lying if I said there wasn't times I was picturing someone on a shopping spree in Lagos thinking to themselves 'which greedy fool thinks they can get a nine day holiday in Thailand for that price'. . Alas this fear never materialised. In fact the accommodation was much nicer than I even expected and everything went really smooth, except for a certain 'food poisoning-bowl hugging' incident. Gateway travel has restored some confidence in me with regards to 'special offer' adverts. They gave us (more or less) what they advertised at the price (more or less) they advertised.Rant are some pics to enjoy:    

[The Hotel in question which far exceeded my expectations]

[the handsome and winsome person in the foreground is me and the 48m statue is none other than the Buddah] 

[Chalaung Temple and Your's truly snorkeling off Monkey Island]

[Night Market @ Phi Phi Island]

All in all the trip was dope, so many exciting smells and flavours, sights and experiences but I am glad to be back in a cooler but more familiar South Africa.