Since school I haven't really been involved in too much competitive sport. There are parts I don't miss about this, a certain incident with a hockey stick and my ankle comes to mind, but there are also parts that I do miss.I miss working towards fitness, realising that your body can do so much more that what you first thought was possible. I miss the sense of accomplishment it brings when you realise you have mastered a new skill or applied yourself and improved in some significant way. I miss that feeling of doing something strenuos without become tired. These parts I do miss.
It is for this reason that I have decide to run a half marathon. Thats right folks!

Somewhere around 21km.

I have actually been getting fit over the last few days and on Wednesday ran 8.2 km with relative ease. Next week will be running 10km. My friend Sally and I (and anyone will be training towards running the half marathon in late April early May. We still need to choose the best race. I have had a desire for a while to compete in midmar or some running race and now I am going to do it. Sally (rightly) says 'you only know you committed to doing it once you have paid the race fee' so I will be doing that next week. So come- on do you have a desire to run a half marathon? Extend your body a bit? Show yourself you can do something you thought you never could? Join us, either in training or on race day! I will post the details next week as well as links to training programs to help you (and me) in preparation.

I am pretty stoked!