Next week I leave to go to Bandung Indonesia for two weeks for a Core Coaching course with our friends over at As you can imagine I am ecstatic about it.

What is Coaching?

I think that my favourite simple definition of it is ‘a transformational conversation’. This means that while it is a conversation, it is an intentional conversation that has as its aim the transformation of the person.  As most of you would know that in my life I have become persuaded that God is truly the source of transformation but coaching is one of the ways in which we can become aware of and engage in this journey of transformation.  The primary way that it seeks to facilitate this transformation is through ‘bridging the knowing and doing gap’, our problem is not that we don't know what to do but rather that we don't actually do it.  In other words coaching seeks to move the person from ‘head knowledge’ to ‘life knowledge’ through:

  • Clarifying goals
  • Connecting with motivation
  • Creating awareness
  • Helping to formulate a plan
  • Initiating Action Steps
  • Providing accountability

It’s not hard to see why something like coaching would be helpful in the work of leadership development?

Why is it important for our work in NieuCommunities?

NieuCommunities is focused on empowering leaders, and coaching is by its very nature developmental. It helps people to respond to challenges in their context. It helps them to figure out the resources they have available within themselves and their community and it assumes that the person is the expert in their world. It dramatically challenges the ‘dependency syndrome’ and is really effective in cross cultural work. The reason that I am going for this training is to (a) develop my own coaching skills (b) set up coaching structures in NieuCommunities (c) Set up coaching structures in our partner organisations (d) train other coaches in these organisations (see reason 2 below)

Why Indonesia?

Two reasons:

  • The Price:  CreativeResultManagement is commited to faith based ministries and NGO‘s and so offered me the training for $500 instead of the normal price of $2450!


  • The Licence: They offer a license (including materials, PowerPoint’s and facilitators guide) to those who complete their ‘Core Coaching’ course. This license allows me to run a three day ‘Leader as Coach’ workshop which is perfect for cross cultural faith based and NGO work.

Thought I would just keep you in the loop and give you a taste of what the bulk of my work and energies will be focused on next year.I will be writing and speaking a lot more about coaching after this trip, and its place in our work, as I will know a lot more about it and have some new and deeper insights. Hope that all is well with you and your families.