Well, Yesterday I arrived back from my (amazing) time in Indonesia. First things first, Indonesia is hot, Bali inhumane! Secondly if travelling to Bali, save a little extra money to make sure you can afford a room with A/C to prevent a core temperature raise and it's accompanying sensations of lethargy, fatigue and a general snail like disposition.

Heat aside, Indonesia is truly a remarkable place (more on that in a follow up post) with wonderful people, great food and beautiful landscape. As outlined in Part I of this post the purpose of my visit was to attend Core Coaching Skills Training with the good people of Creative Results Management. My time with them did not disappoint. Participants: warm, friendly and interesting. Trainers: committed, creative and experienced. Training: stimulating, relevant and very practical. Well since a picture speaks a thousand words, let me now share 6000 words (and a few comments) with you that will hopefully give you some insight into my time there.


[Fellow trainees from all over including Indonesia (of course), Australia, New Zealand, China, USAmercia and SA]

[Here is one definition of coaching that I think is pretty good and was used for our training: Coaching is an intentional, ongoing conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God's calling ]


[Curtis \c(u) - is pronounced KERT-iss. It is of English and Old French origin, and the meaning of Curtis is 'courteous or polite' (you decide?) and according to babynames.com this name was most popular in the 1960's, nuff said]


[This was the particular model we were trained: C.O.A.C.H]

[For those who care about the content of the training, here was the week schedule. For the rest (all?) here is a more interesting link to follow http://xkcd.com/152/]


[And finally, this is me in 'action' bringing my spirit inspired, judgement free, person centered, empathetic, non-directive, open question driven, goal focused, action oriented, awareness raising, I probably should smile more, self into a practice coaching session]


Being in a room with so many people committed to the development, growth, health and well being of others was a gift in itself. Seeing the power of coaching (sometimes in a simple 15 minute conversation) is just mind blowing. Those who have experienced coaching will tell you about its power. Thinking about future possibilities of coaching within our work as NieuCommunities and with other organisations, churches and individuals we work with. Feeling affirmed and empowered in my desire to come alongside others as they figure out life, love, God and all the big and small stuff that entails. 


Powerful, Pivotal and I am almost certain a key moment that I will look back on in my vocational journey.