My friend Sarah Wooley sent me some pics from our end of year 'shoot'. They are pretty sweet. These were people I either lived with or worked with or shared life with or were family memebers of said people. This first pic has too many people to name them all. Its enough to say they are rad people with a mix of USAmericans, South Africans, a Zimbabwean and a USAmerican/Colombian and a few wangs...

[This is a pic of the Boy Apprentices from left to right: Oupa 'T-Shirt' Manganye, Curtis 'Bitchin' Love, Tony 'Ug' Cermack and Chris 'I spilled my Coffee' Kamalski. Don't be fooled there is a lot of testosterone going on here]

[This is a pic of all the Apprentices NCSA 09 from left to right: Tony,Melanie, Chris, Busi, Curtis, Adrienne/Adrian, Oupa, Colletta]

I miss all these people..!