So I received the NieuCommunities International Director's (he Is much more down to earth and chilled out than that title I just bestowed on him:) Newsletter and he ended it by sharing about the people who have moved through NC in the last 8 years. I thought it was pretty sweet and it feels good to be a part of something which seeks to particpate in God's restoration of our world. Here is the summary he included. This summary excludes the thousands of people who have been positively affected by these peoples work and service. Its great. 


(Some of the peeps I was apprenticed with in 2009)
  • 107 people have been apprenticed through NieuCommunities' 10-month apprenticeship
  • 7 people completed an intensive internship (2 months or more)
  • 250+ people have participated in a Road Trip (1-2 week intensive on missional living) 
  • 40 people have joined CRM staff through NieuCommunities 
  • 24 people have joined other missional ministries 
  • 3 have gone on to seminary 
  • Only 5 people didn't finish 
  • The vast majority of all our apprentices who didn't go into vocational ministry are living fruitful, missional lives   

 Sola Deo Gloria