This is a blog series where I want to introduce you a little into my life and work and share a few thoughts on transforming and being transformed (Part 2 of 4).

Though I live in Tshwane/Pretoria my part time Masters is completed in eGoli (the city of Gold) with St Augustines College. I am currently completing a Master of Philosophy in Pastoral Theology. The pictures above are taken from around the campus and inside the beautiful Chapel.

Why Pastoral Theology?
I am an Accompanist (or 'Pastor' if understood in the ancient sense of the word) which means I want to accompany people on their spiritual journey. I want to, in my own life, cultivate  an authentic, mature, vibrant and integrated spirituality as well as create spaces where others can do the same. Hence I have chosen to do courses that can help me in this quest like:
  • Spiritual Accompaniment
  • The Dignity of the Human Person
  • Spiritual Dynamics
  • Human Sexuality
While this is all good, after journeying with people for a while you come to realise that part of the spiritual dysfunctions we face as individuals are as a result of the society or 'system' we live in. I have come to realise that for there to be individual healing and restoration there needs to be social healing and restoration. Spirituality and Politics can never and  should never be seperated. There can never be peace for the individual if there is not peace for the collective, for truly an injury to one of God's children is an injury to all God's children and so I took courses like:

  • Reconciliation and Nation building
  • The Ethics of Democracy
  • Inculturation (the transformation of culture)

I suppose this is the main reason that I chose to study here. It was the only course that I could find that allowed me to take seriously both spirituality and politics. Thus far (3 modules in) I have not being disappointed. I have had excellent, well seasoned lecturers from Cape Town, Durban and even Holland.


These days Catholics take a hard rap, from the media and from my Protestant tribe. My experience has been quite the contrary to these common caricatures. These are some of the most thoughtful, sensitive, spiritual and committed-yet-relaxed people that I have ever met. The Catholic tradition is a really rich one and is overlooked by Protestants and others at their own peril.


Part of my working agreement with NieuCommunities is that I can have 1 week off every quarter to attend my intensive lectures. Also as part of the agreement I can use every Monday for research and the writing of my papers. This is a much needed and cherished space in my work week as I can see how my studies have really deepened my work with NC in general and my teaching and coaching in particular.


Knowledge holds no virtue in itself only knowledge that is used in service of those around us is worth its salt.
God may that which we learn, both in the classroom and in life be used in service of those who we encounter and you bring into our lives.