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 This is a blog series where I want to introduce you a little into my life and work and share a few thoughts on transforming and being transformed (Part 1 of 4).

As some of you know we as NieuCommunities just recently moved from Pretoria North to central Pretoria/Tshwane. For us at Nieucommunities 'place' is very important. We spent nearly 6 months listening and becoming familiar with the place we have eventually moved to. We met her people, walked the streets, visited coffee shops, sat in parks, met home owners, listened to her students. We have come to realise that we don't only want to transform the places we move into but we also want to be transformed by the places we live in. While we want to live and be present in this place we also want this place to live and be present in us. God uses many things in our life to shape us and 'place' is an often overlooked instrument in our journey.I am trying to listen to and learn from my new home and neighbourhood, so I wanted to post some pictures and short reflections of my journey.

"He made the things we can see and the things we cannot see...Everythign was created through him and for him..He existed before anything and holds together all creation" (Col 1:16-17)

Welcome to our home here in Clydesdale/Sunnyside no 70 Brecher Street:

[you can see the entrance to my outside room on the far left of the picture]

This is the student commune that I live in @ 70 Brecher Street Clydesdale/Sunnyside. It's been really fun getting to know my 5 other house mates. A real smorgasbord of people from places like Belfast,Pietersburg, Lesotho, Canada and Joburg. Ranging from 19 years old to 29. We have 2 theology students, one vetenary science student, a bcom student and a graphic designer. The Canadian is doing an apprenticeship with NCSA for 9 months. I have been living in communes now for the last three years and its been great, I don't think I would enjoy living on my own now. It's true there are sometimes tensions and dishes really are a problem but those are minor in comparison to what is gained. Its always great to come home and know there are other people around. There is always someone to chat with,swop music/movies with have a cup of tea with.

[this is the view from my room]

[these are some of my friends coming over to visit me on the occasion of Busi's Birthday]

[This is what my room looks like]

[This is a view of my street]

God may I learn something from this place about myself, about my fellow human beings, about your world and ultimately about you.