Think of this as MTV cribs "The Moving Special". Here is a once in a lifetime look at the inside of Curtis "the threat" Love's bedroom. Well actually this is not my room, its the room all my stuff is in while I am waiting to move into my room. I will post pictures of my new room once I have moved into it, which will hopefully be tomo! Back to the original intention of this post, I haven't been blogging because:

1. I have moved to a sweet new Student commune in the Clydesdale/Sunnyside area.
2. My new place's internet is down (welcome Curtis)

I have managed to sequester my friend Joe's 3G card (the bandwidth is a small fortune) and so will have limited internet access. If you are waiting for a reply to an e-mail. It should come in the next couple of days :) The 'high quality' pictures of my temporary room are courtesy of my wonderful webcam. Enjoy.