I found this great quote by Allister Sparks in Kahane's Solving Tough Problems. He articulates something so important about SA. He says SA is the Country,

"...where the First and the Third Worlds meet,...the developed and the developing worlds, the dark-skinned and the light skinned worlds, the rich and the poor, in the same proportion as the rest of the global village of roughly one to five. It is where the white-skinned First Worlders tried to keep the dark-skinned Third Worlders out of their islands of affluence in the cities with pass laws and influx control regulations, just as the developed nations try to stop them from crossing the global poverty barriers of the Rio Grande, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific Rim, with little success"

What I think we often fail to see in all our discussions on SA's challenges and difficulties is that these are the very challenges the global community faces. Sparks' quote so poignantly illustrates this. The difference is we find these challenges not 'out there' but within our very borders. While there might be an illusion of freedom from these challenges in Uk or Australia I believe they are there in one form or another. Of course terrorism is but one of the symptoms that these problems remain very real. We also fail to see that we as South Africans have an opportunity to begin to foster the kinds of human relations we would hope to see in the global community. We have the opportunity, which is indeed a difficult task, to figure out how to live humanely in a world awakening to its diversity but also to its inequity. The issues we are struggling with require the global community to work toward an equitable, peaceful and just end. I think the only difference with SA is that we experience the pain of this struggle and see the real time effects of it on a daily basis. We don't have the 'luxury' of been shielded from its reality. We expereince it every day.